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Lake Leamon Rules & Regulations

Thank you for following all rules. They are enforced to ensure your safety
and that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience at the lake.

   · Each campsite requires a responsible party who must present a valid, current ID.


   · Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. No loud music, vehicles, pets or noise around

            your campsite during those hours. Please restrict in-and-out traffic to the campground

            to emergencies or work-related travel.


   · Drugs are prohibited on the premises. Alcohol is allowed in moderation ONLY on your

campsite by those of legal drinking age. Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED in the public

swimming area, parking lot or at the public picnic tables.


   · Lake Leamon is a family-friendly campground. Public profanity, public drunkenness or

obscenity is not tolerated.


   · RV and tent campers are allowed to swim within 70 feet of your campsite.


   · Non-aggressive pets are allowed at your campsite, but not allowed in the swimming and

parking lot. They must remain on a lease when outside.

You are required to clean up after your pet.


   · There are portable toilets in the tent camping area, as well as a bath house with showers,

            toilets and a coin laundry for your use. Please be a courteous camper and keep those

 areas clean. If you use the coin laundry, please remove washed or dried clothes quickly

so other  campers can use the washers and dryers.


   · Fishing is allowed for paid campers only and is on a catch-and-release basis.


   · There is a $5.00 fee per person, per day for visitors to your campsite. If they spend the

            night, the fee is $8.00 per person. There are no exceptions.


   · The campground has 24-hour security and patrols the campground. Anyone who is

            observed violating the rules and regulations will be required to leave the campground

            immediately with no refund.


   · Lake Leamon is a privately-owned campground and admission to the lake and facility

            is by permission only.


   · Lake Leamon is a no-permanent-resident campground. Management reserves the right

            to terminate any camper’s stay at any time.

 No dogs, alcohol or profanity allowed in swimming, parking or picnic areas.
Lake Leamon is a family-friendly place.

      Enjoy your visit. Keep Lake Leamon Safe, Family-Friendly and Clean